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SpinFizz : infinite water slide & universal Zorbing device

3 different rides


SpinFizz Water Ride

Aqua slide – as fast as you want, as long as you want. Pour some water into the Drum and get washed. 1 or 2 friends can join you, while the others outside watch you through the transparent Drum. Lots of fizzy pleasure on hot days!


SpinFizz Energy Ride

No worries if the weather gets colder. You can still try to run in the Drum.
Man, that’s really exhausting!


SpinFizz Extreme Ride

Zorbing is our core business, so we have created a harnessed version too. You are fastened at 12 points and experience extreme G-forces.
Pure astronaut training!


SpinFizz is made in the European Union.

Our devotion to outdoor activities, our experience and knowledge in Zorbing
helped us build this machine.

Operators and distributors wanted worldwide.