SpinFizz is compact and versatile.

It’s easy to transport and simple to set up and operate. Anywhere : on a beach, in an aqua park, in the downtown or at the city mall. Excellent for festivals or events.

Great for the rider :

  • Refreshing, brand new experience
  • Adjustable speed : fun for the kids, but may be extreme for daredevils
  • Permanent contact with the operator
  • Visually superb for spectators

Benefits for the operator :

  • Set up, plug in and start washing and shaking your guests
  • No time consuming construction
  • Costs a fraction of a large water slide
  • At colder temperatures Energy and Extreme rides are available
  • Just 5 * 5 metres required
  • Low running costs

Interested in running a SpinFizz? We are searching for operators and distributors worldwide – contact us!

SpinFizz has been checked and certified for safety by TÜV Süd and ADIPS.